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  • Walter Routh
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    What do you do when someone pulls 15 vials from the wrong study at some time in the past and you have no record of who that person might be? Read the topic first and then comment here on your thoughts and solutions?

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    I think every vial should be labeled or at least color coded to differentiate between the same vials of the different studies. Personnel should also go through a retraining process.

    John O’Neill
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    I agree with the comments from Grace. Despite the restrictions of dealing with very small containers, technology can give us the means to get a lot of information from a tiny area. I’ve long ago adopted using color coded bins to represent specific exposure conditions. I think we can step up our quality measures by having a second person verification (could even be the “receiver” of the samples) and have our LIMS/AI tools verify that any samples on the move are supposed to be on the move at that time and according to the study protocol. That tool would also verify that inventory levels match the protocol as well as the sample tracking measures.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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