Why StabilityHub ?

As a career-long stabilitarian, I’ve had many occasions to search for stability information, find a much needed vendor, make a few presentations, enjoy the presentations of others, and discuss best practices to make the world safe for stability. Daily workloads make the quest for stability knowledge difficult at best.

The time has come to create a place where the information or the path to the information resides, where a few clicks open guidances, reveal vendors, flip to the page of an article we need, open the calendar for this year’s travel planning, or find out what your industry colleagues have said in response to a broadcasted query. StabilityHub IS that place and we hope we’ll cross paths with you often.

You may grab a listing or a link and click off, armed with information to solve your problem, but we invite your extended participation to make this site and our profession more effective through comments and suggestions on our site as well as issues raised by other stability specialists in discussion threads that this site points to and highlights.

StabilityHub is a service to bring stabilitarians, stability support personnel, equipment and service providers, academicians and regulators together to find and share knowledge about the stability process.

Founder, StabilityHub


StabilityHub offers short-term or retainer consultation related to the medical product stability function & quality systems; set up, risk assessment, audit preparation, etc.


Stability is an inexact process that is as much art as it is science. Guidances differ across nations and regions, requirements vary between regulatory agencies, within regulatory departments and from individual to individual within a department.

That said, a variety of best practices and successful initiatives are frequently used to inform the implementation of guidelines and regulations. StabilityHub, John ONeill Enterprises LLC, PSDG, and all participants in StabilityHub take no responsibility for the accuracy and reliability of information supplied here. Those utilizing the information should verify for themselves the risks involved and exercise due caution before employing equipment, services, recommendations, and learnings gleaned from StabilityHub.


StabilityHub encourages continuing education by hosting stability-related seminars, webinars, and courses


Establish and facilitate discussion groups tailored to the needs of various professions


Stay up-to-date on all things Stability through our blogs, newsletters, and trend summaries

Meet John O’Neill

John is a life-long stabilitarian – perhaps the most widely known in industry. He is a frequent speaker, advisor, educator, and industry committee participant.

John has a degree in Pharmaceutical Sciences from Columbia University and a Masters in Health Systems Management from Union University. His career has taken him from Registered Pharmacist to:

  • Liquids and Semi-solids Formulator at Sterling Winthrop
  • QC Manager at Sanofi-Aventis
  • Medical Device Quality Steward at Boston Scientific
  • Independent Consultant
  • Principal Stability Specialist for Biologics at Genentech
  • Associate Director for Stability at both Gilead and Regeneron

John is a past chair of the Stability Working Group of the International Pharmaceutical Federation and is a member of the Product Quality Research Institute Stability Working Group. For the past 30 years, John has been the Facilitator of the Pharmaceutical Stability Discussion Group, which has made him privy to
just about everything that can go right or wrong with the stability function. As president of John ONeill Enterprises LLC, he currently serves as Editor of StabilityHub and is available for short term consulting regarding establishing or auditing stability groups or performing a risk assessment of the stability function.

Advance Stability Knowledge

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