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Walter Routh
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The way it’s described in the question, it sounds like you don’t have well defined criteria in your qualification/mapping protocol. If your protocol pre-defined that the known error in the measuring device could be applied as a correction, then you’d justified in doing so. Applying that correction after the fact could look to a reviewer like you made a failing chamber pass. That said, all of the things John O’Neill noted apply–it looks like you need some serious work on this chamber to bring it into compliance (+/- 5%RH) and then start over with the mapping. At least, though, in the meantime you could justify that you’re operating at a worst-case scenario, if you’re willing to take that risk or you have no alternative. One note to add is that it would be good to know the temperature at the high RH probe locations. I would bet that most likely your temperatures are lower (an outside wall, maybe?) at those locations and a simple re-balancing of airflow (as previously noted) might solve the problem.