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Walter Routh
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I certainly agree with the previous posts regarding 1 month. Two things to add, though. First, you probably should consider something shorter than a month for shorter intervals. The issue I believe an auditor has regards how long it took to recognize an issue (I don’t think they’ve thinking about how time has passed and degradation has continued while awaiting testing.). After 2 or 3 months a one-month delay to find an OOS or OOT issue is acceptable, but at at 1-month interval, you probably should consider a 1-week or 2-week test timing requirement. The Second thing I’d add is that the definition of the actions required at 30 days are important. Ideally (if you have the resources) it should be the testing is completed and verified. One company has a requirement simply to initiate testing in 30 days. This, in my opinion, is dangerous since from a probable auditor’s opinion that would allow too much time for the company to recognize a significant OOT or OOS and take field action if necessary.