By Tracy Criswell, Corne Swart, Jana Stoudemire, Kelvin Brockbank, Michael Floren, Shannon Eaker, Joshua Hunsberger

Published in: Stem Cells Translational Medicine

Published on: March 5, 2022

Advances in regenerative medicine manufacturing continue to be a priority for achieving the full commercial potential of important breakthrough therapies. Equally important will be the establishment of distribution chains that support the transport of live cells and engineered tissues and organs resulting from these advanced biomanufacturing processes. The importance of a well-managed distribution chain for products requiring specialized handling procedures was highlighted during the COVID-19 pandemic and serves as a reminder of the critical role of logistics and distribution in the success of breakthrough therapies. This perspective article will provide insight into current practices and future considerations for creating global distribution chains that facilitate the successful deployment of regenerative medicine therapies to the vast number of patients that would benefit from them worldwide.

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