By Danielle DeLucy

Published in: CfPA Webinar

Published on: June 19, 2023

Course Description: Many QA and QC personnel in the pharmaceutical industry are not familiar with the FDA systems-based inspection model. They are also not aware of the types of 483 observations that many FDA auditors make today. One of the most scrutinized areas during these inspections is the laboratory. Because of this, it is important for lab personnel to know the techniques used the FDA inspections during these types of audits. Knowing the systems, the FDA will look at is also key so that the lab can be properly prepared for the audit.

In this 90-minute accredited training, we will discuss laboratory controls. It will focus on all of the systems that are in a laboratory that will be audited by an FDA inspector in a typical systems-based inspection. After this webinar, you will fully understand how to prepare your laboratory for the FDA.

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