Organizational Resources

This segment contains organizational resources and other helpful information.

AssociationAAPS (American Association Pharmaceutical Scientists)Advancing the capacity of pharmaceutical scientists
AssociationISPE (International Society for Pharmaceutical Engineering)Connecting pharma knowledge to deliver innovation, excellence and insights
AssociationPDA (Parenteral Drug Association)Connecting People, Science and Regulation ® for Parenteral Drugs
AssociationUSP (United States Pharmacopeia)Reference Standards and Official Tests
Association Working GroupAAPS SWG (American Assoc Pharma Scientists Stability Working Group)Pharmaceutical Education and Information (then call)
Association Working GroupPQRI SWG (Product Quality Research Institite)Pharmaceutical Stability Statistics Development
Discussion Live MeetingsPSDG (Pharmaceutical Stability Discussion Group)Stability benchmarking/polling meetings w vendor exhibition
Discussion On-LinePSDG List Server sponsored by Microbiology Networke-mail gated Stability topics and questions discussion forum
Discussion On-LinePSDG LinkedIn Social Media Stability Postings and Interaction
Discussion On-LineGlobal Pharma Stability Program Disc Grp LinkedInSocial Media Stability Postings and Interaction
Discussion On-LineAGXPE (Association for GXP Education) LinkedInSocial Media Pharma Quality Postings and Interaction
Discussion On-LinePharmaceutical Discussion Group LinkedInSocial Media General Pharma Postings and Interaction
Discussion On-LineElsmar Quality ForumWebsite Forum: FDA/Pharma//Quality & Validation
Discussion Stability ForumWebsite Stability topics and questions discussion forum
EducationExL EventsStability & Quality Seminars
EducationInforma (CBI / IVT)Stability & Quality Seminars and Technical Library
EducationIPA (International Pharmaceutical Academy)Stability & Quality Seminars & Courses
EducationKENXStability & Quality Seminars & Courses
EducationPharmaEd ResourcesStability & Quality Seminars
EducationSOS (Science of Stability via FreeThink Technologies)Annual Stability Science Seminar
EducationCfPA (Center for Professional Advancement)Stability & Quality Courses
Industry NewsAdvamed Smart Briefe-mailed Medical Device News
Industry NewsStabilityHub Newslettere-mailed Stability Blog, Calendar, Articles, Regulations & Jobs (complete pop-up form)
Industry NewsNagano Science Stability Testing-related Newse-mailed compilation of stability-related news
Industry NewsInternational Society for Pharmaceutical Engineeringe-mailed compilation of Medical Product engineering