The 2020 PSDG Virtual Meeting wrapped up on November 17th. Emerging from the three days of sessions was a glimpse into the not too distant future of the stability function. Technology and world events have propelled innovations forward. Some of these concepts are in initial stages of implementation while others are seen as the next logical step. Consider:

  • Robotic Sampling – “Touchless” placement and removal of stability samples in storage containers within environmental chambers is designed to reduce errors as well as staff shift considerations.
  • Elapsed Photography Physical Stability Records – This allows for real time observation of physical changes without disturbing samples or introducing detrimental influences.
  • Daily / Continuous Chamber Validation – Probeless electronic sensors are capable of accurately scanning entire internal environments for both monitoring and validation purposes.
  • 30 day Accelerated Stability Protocols – For traditional and some non-traditional dosage forms, iso-conversion principles are delivering accurate stability profiles as well as enabling optimal selection of packaging and excipients.

What’s next? In-Package Analysis? Virtual Stability Modeling? The sky’s the limit and the future of the Medical Product Stability function looks bright. Stay plugged into the latest developments in your field through participation in the Pharmaceutical Stability Discussion Group and