Is there something to be thankful for in the midst of a pandemic that is threatening our families and our life savings too? Well, not for those things, but a life-threatening force sure has a way to get us mobilized and rushing to use our skills and resources to save as many lives as possible. During World War II, the country’s eyes and hopes were on the soldiers, sailors, and airmen that left home knowing that many were not coming back. Behind the scenes, some men and multitudes of women worked tirelessly to produce the tanks, planes, ships, and ammunition that those on the front lines would need to ensure our survival and way of life. Those folks on the manufacturing line also qualified as heroes.

Today, while much of the world’s attention is rightfully on healthcare workers, first responders, and grocery store employees, the medical product corps are responding with the same spirit as those who produced their way to victory in WWII. News of vaccines, diagnostic tests, innovative medicines, and medical equipment is flooding the media as we all work together in a critical cause.

The long hours workers are spending in their labs, on production lines, and at their desks to move product at unprecedented rates is inspiring. It is wonderful to see corporate donations for many of the needed supplies. Following the custom of our industry in exploring lessons learned at the close of a major event or project, we should be in possession of experiences, data, and insights that will serve us well into the future in dealing with worldwide health threats. We would not have been able to accomplish so much, so fast without a free-enterprise medical product industry and a flexible, highly-skilled regulatory authority. Because of those factors, and for your innovation and dedication, you deserve the thanks of a grateful nation.