Dear Santa,

I have been a good Stabilitarian this year. I had all chamber calibrations conducted on schedule and didn’t lose any samples. I didn’t miss any responses to chamber alarms and all tests were completed within 30 days (except for those two with Out Of Specification investigations).

I would like:

  • Enough stability chambers for all new studies, with a back-up chamber for every condition
  • A LIMS that interacts with our inventory and monitoring systems
  • A second shift technician to handle after hours emergency requests
  • A stability protocol coordinator
  • A statistician exclusively for the stability function
  • A project coordinator for every project
  • A liaison for all manufacturing and packaging sites
  • A label printing machine with corresponding bar code reader
  • A Smart Board for our Group conference room
  • Approval for 2 Stabilitarians to attend next year’s PSDG Meeting in Colorado


P.S. I left you milk and cookies in the 5C chamber, but our QA representative declared them a GMP violation and ate them herself.