When I was a kid, there was a Saturday morning TV show called Andy’s Gang. It opened with a jingle:

“I got a gang, you got a gang, everybody’s gotta have a gang. But there’s only one real gang for me; good old Andy’s Gang”.

In first recalling only the tune and the “children’s gang” theme, but not the name of the show, I learned that it’s risky business to Google anything about gangs. Yet, I persevered, and Wikipedia eventually served up Andy’s Gang. Even better than the opening song, was cowboy actor Andy Devine’s closing sign-off:

“Yes sir, we’re pals, and pals stick together”.

This riding the range ideal still holds today, particularly in the scientific community, and especially for those who participate in the stability function. With that in mind, StabilityHub has its latest feature. Resources is a listing of and sources of current scientific information that can help you in your achievement of some aspect of the stability function and link you to communities of like-minded scientists.

We hope that it will open doors to knowledge and professional friendships to you for years to come. If you notice that we’ve missed a qualifying organization or scientific news source, please contact us at StabilityHub to let us know.