Have you ever wondered how someone knew how to brew the first cup of coffee? It was before Google, cookbooks, and most likely before the printed word. It had to be by word of mouth. One caveman was craving a hot beverage with something in it to cover up the taste of bat droppings and another came along knowing that there were beans growing on the other side of the hill that would do the trick. Progress came through discussion.

A few years back, an acquaintance had suffered a sudden, rare, and often fatal heart affliction and was whisked to the hospital. Coming closer to death by the second, he was treated by a doctor who knew exactly what to do, and his life was saved. Where did the doctor learn how to treat that rare occurrence? Ironically, it was not in med school or even in a seminar. He learned it just the day before at a convention for doctors while standing in line for coffee. While not entering into the conversation himself, he overheard the doctor in front of him describing in detail a groundbreaking procedure to another surgeon that ironically would be needed the very next day.

Discussion was once again the critical factor.

It follows that stabilitarians benefit from discussion; from new challenges for long time experts, to re-distributing long known solutions to stability novices. We make progress through asking questions and sharing solutions. This week, StabilityHub launches its latest feature; a discussion forum designed for ease of access, ease of sharing information, and, ultimately, to facilitate discussion in our industry. Add it to your resource toolbox when looking for an answer to a stability conundrum or when you have a minute to see what topics are trending with your colleagues. You might have something brewing in that area and could even be a life saver for someone with a deadline.

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