As a young stabilitarian, I would eagerly scan the journals of the day – all in magazine format in those pre-internet times – for anything remotely resembling a discourse on some aspect of stability. My professional heroes emerged from the pages of those publications; Gary Dukes, Leon Lachman, Ken Waterman, Carol Easter, Steven Baertschi and Wolfgang Grimm, among others.  I never dreamed of meeting any of them, let alone becoming friends with a few. They laid the foundations for scientific advancement, harmonization guidelines, innovative equipment, and industry organizations. My career is based on knowledge gained from their research, experience and writing.

Wanting to preserve their information as well as that of those who follow in their footsteps is the inspiration for StabilityHub.  A new segment of the Hub is opening this week: Stability Publications will list the works of stability-influencing authors and presenters and provide links to those works. The listings will continue to grow in the coming weeks.

It is my hope that your stability heroes will be discovered in this new segment and that a good number of you will become the authors and presenters of tomorrow.  If you find that we don’t yet have a stability-related publication or presentation that you’ve found to be helpful, please bring it to our attention via the StabilityHub contact form and we will be glad to review it and add it to the library.