What makes us seek a job with the word “Stability” in it? As an entry level liquids and semi-solids formulator, I was taking cancer-causing dyes out of cough syrup formulations, turning campho-phenique liquid into a gel, and incorporating sharks liver oil in suppositories. Each new formulation was shipped to another building for “stability” and when samples came back at various intervals from various temperatures, many of them were discolored, altered for the worse versions of their former selves, and I would go back to the bench to find a way to improve their viability. I envied the people who stressed my products and whose only perceived output was to tell formulators, “Sorry, try again.”

When an opportunity arose to join their ranks, I didn’t hesitate. In doing so I discovered a whole new world with dozens of nuances and regular occasions to interact with a whole spectrum of scientific disciplines. At first, there was hands on experience with the product, getting to know what was in it, why it was in it, and whether that was going to prolong or shorten its shelf life. Rising through the ranks, the emphasis expanded to systems that carried protocols, tracked inventory, captured analytical results, analyzed data statistically, reported trends, and finally put the stability information into the hands of the FDA. This ultimately resulted in putting the product into the hands of the patient. What an interesting and noble discipline to pursue; so much so that its practitioners deserve the distinctive title of Stabilitarian.

If you are looking to enter the world of stability, climb it’s ladder, practice it with a different category of medical product, or change the organization for which you perform it, check out a new section on StabilityHub focused on highlighting jobs in the field of stability. This page will be updated regularly and may contain just the opportunity you are looking for. You can find stability jobs in quite a few locations, but these will be a click away whenever you visit the Hub. Check it out; you may not be looking today, but you’ll know what’s out there should the need arise.