Greetings, stability aficionados!

I was recently in a discussion with several members of an industry working group. One member voiced an opinion that there have been few developments in stability for decades. Another member asserted that there were quite a few developments. This disparity of awareness made me think that there’s work to be done in this area. Today, you are participating in stability’s newest development – a hub that serves as a crossroad for information from all corners of our cherished pursuit. This website will welcome visitors looking for regulations, vendor information, topical publications, sources of education, upcoming events, opportunities for employment and input from fellow professionals. Some of the information will reside on the Hub (visit the “Hubrary”) while others will be linked through some excellent sources bearing the content. As you browse through these areas, I hope you find what you are searching for or better yet, discover an area or two you hadn’t thought to look for. Come back often to see what stability topics are trending, what new guidances are emerging, or what oversights turn up in 483’s. If you discover we’re missing something, or want to make a submission or suggestion, reach us at our Contact page. We welcome your comments.

John O’Neill, Stability Hub Facilitator