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Whether analytical, mechanical or electronic, all Stability statistics start life in a Stability Chamber. Tune in to our 60 minute webinar to discover what to do with the variety of data that comes across a Stability Stakeholder’s desk.

This event is sponsored by H&A Scientific.


  • Be aware of all data reaching the desk of the Stability Stakeholder
  • Know the pathway each category of data should take
  • Explore the pitfalls and black holes awaiting your numbers
  • Become familiar with your stakeholder friends who will help you tell your story statistically
  • Learn the types of tools available to process your numbers
  • Tailor your statistics story to your target audience

Who should attend

  • Stability Group Members
  • Quality Assurance
  • Regulatory Affairs
  • Statisticians new to the Stability process
  • HVAC/Facilities stewards who want to grasp the significance of stability chambers


  • Welcome and Panel Introductions by KENX Moderator
  • Overview of Webinar premise John O’Neill
  • The rest is an interaction among discussion leader, panel members and participants
    • Data about and from Stability Chambers
    • Validation, Calibration, PMs, Monitoring, Excursions, Chamber Trending
    • What are the Data processing regulations?
    • Data by Protocol Design; meeting statistical needs (Know what stories you wish to tell)
    • Data from the Study: How is the manufacturing holding up? How is the Package, Excipients, desiccants, etc. contributing? What is the projected/confirmed shelf life?
    • Data from anomalies? Investigations of OOS, OOT, OOE
    • How does raw data go to submitted registration data?
    • What are the enemies of your statistical story?
    • Who are your data processing friends?
    • What are your data processing tools?
    • Where can we go for further information?
    • Any additional questions/ panel contact information