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Back by popular demand (really, we took a survey). Stabilitarians put product samples in one end of the process and out pops data on the other end. Management, government, and patient-ment are awaiting the statistical “tah-daa”. Is the product stable? How long will it last?, What factors made it succeed or fail?

Join us for a day of exploring how the numbers become the story and how to proclaim and explain the tah-daa. Join a team of experts for the ins and outs, ups and downs of Stability Statistics.


Top Reasons to Attend

  • Discover the 5Ws of statistics in stability – Why, who, what, when, and where
  • Understand where to apply, where to discuss, and where to submit stability statistics
  • Develop robust statistical capabilities within the stability function
  • Overcome the hurdles when starting a statistical journey
  • See an implementation example of stability statistics in practice
  • Discover resources for everyday applications and programs for motivated learners
  • Receive a concept map for data collection and an excel file template for statistical analysis of stability data
  • Learn the packages and platforms that apply the appropriate statistical methods to your stability needs at hand
  • Use product stability data to assess test method performance
  • Enhance your professional development with up-to-the-minute best stability testing practice